Fellowship Happens Throughout the Year at LACPC.

During COVID and after, fellowship happened differently. We had a drive-thru events and parking lot events!  We also had drive-in movie nights, a new horse program, and an outdoor scavenger hunt. We had a wonderful outdoor VBS, a fun game show night, and the Country Faire was back, in addition to LACPC’s Got Talent, which was so much fun it has turned into an annual event.  We also had our annual LACPC picnic at Tavern Bay.

We are now back in the Sanctuary and “normalcy.” We have had our Advent Workshop brunch and activities indoors, but with the return of sitting on Santa’s lap! The Christmas Eve Nativity play was also in the Sanctuary, as was Ash Wednesday!  We also had a “normal” Holy Week in 2022, for the first time since 2019, beginning with the kids waving palm branches on Palm Sunday!  We then had an Easter Egg hunt with the release of butterflies and a pancake breakfast on Easter morning!  We also had outdoor BBQ’s and hikes and VBS! 

We are looking forward to 2023 being normal again!  Come join us for our future events!!