Fellowship Happens Throughout the Year at LACPC.

During COVID and just after, fellowship happened differently. We had “drive-thru” events and outdoor events in our parking lot, such as drive-in movie nights, outdoor scavenger hunts and a game show night!  We also had a horse program for the kids!  We also had our annual LACPC picnic at Tavern Bay, which has now turned into a BBQ after Vacation Bible School is over in June.  This new “picnic” date has been very well received, and we had our 2nd this past June!

Being back in the Sanctuary and “normalcy” after COVID and the fire damage has been great!  In 2022, we had a “normal” Holy Week, for the first time since 2019, beginning with the kids waving palm branches on Palm Sunday!  We then had an Easter Egg hunt with the release of butterflies and a pancake breakfast on Easter morning!  Our Advent Workshop brunch and activities have all returned, including sitting on Santa’s lap! 

Our 41st Annual Country Faire was another fun event, where we all work hard to make it happen for the church.  It is our main fundraiser for the year, and we didn’t let the bad weather stop us!  We even have such amazing volunteers that we were able to plan an All-Church Breakfast in just a couple of weeks, thanks to some visitors from the Midwest.  

Come join us for our future events!!