Upcoming Special Events:

Tapestry: Tapestry is a joint venture between the Riverside Presbytery (of which we are a part) and the San Gabriel Presbytery.  They offer a fall retreat each year for youth and this year.  Watch for more information about the 2023 date. 

Christmas Eve: The youth are always a big part of the 5:00 PM Christmas Eve Worship Service.  Each year they create a play or puppet show that brackets the play the children lead.  It is always fun to see what creative idea they bring to the Christmas story.

March Madness:  Each spring our 6th-12th grade youth attend March Madness at the Big Bear Lake Christian Conference Center.  Check back here for the dates for 2023. 

Triennium: Every three years our youth join youth from around the country at a special event called Triennium.  Unfortunately, it’s canceled for 2022.  

Summer Camp at Big Bear: Each summer some of our youth attend camp at the Big Bear Presbyterian Conference Center.  Check back here for 2023 dates. 


            Check out these pics from some of our past events: