We spent two weeks in London. During our second Monday in London, Ben joined us so that all four of us were together.

Our first Sunday in London, the three of us worshiped at Westminster Abbey, which was obviously an Anglican service. Instead of pews, we sat in chairs on either side of the sanctuary, facing each other. We sat on the left side in the front row with our backs to the pulpit. The sermon about “greed.” So, you might say we felt we had put the matter behind us. Here are pictures taken from my seat. The woman in blue is the usher who kindly stopped me from taking any more. We found the worship to be quite significant.

One day we attended the 5:00 Service of Evensong at St. Paul’s Cathedral. Here I am on the steps out front, disappointed that I found no old woman out front, selling crumbs to feed the birds. I even had my toppins ready.

On our second Sunday in London, Carol and I worshiped in different Churches. She worshiped in Chelsae Old Church, where her mother’s first cousin was the pastor. She happened to worship there one before oh so long ago. I worshiped at St. Paul’s Covent Garden, not to be confused with the aforementioned St. Paul’s. I thought I had taken a picture of this St. Paul’s; it seems to have vanished.

We saw several shows in London:
-“Anything Goes” (Cole Porter’s great classic.)
-“And Juliet” (a reconsideration of “Romeo and Juliet”‘s original ending)
-“The Tempest” (at the New Globe Theatre)
-“Matilda” (which was disappointing)
-“Back to the Future” (with its incredible special effects)
-“Come from Away” (as incredible as when we saw it last May in NYC)
Check out the link for a little video of inside the New Globe Theatre, a replica of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre: lakearrowheadchurch.com/…8/IMG_2742-1.mov

I did not do much sightseeing; Carol and Chris did more, but we were all pretty tired by the time we got to London, especially after the heat we had experienced in Italy. However, in addition to the places mentioned above, we did see Big Ben, Kensington Gardens, the Meridian, and the Tower of London. Here are a few pictures.

I went to three comedy shows and performed in a fourth, doing five minutes in front of a raucous crowd. I also attended “Writing Gym,” a class at Angel Comedy at the Bill Murray.” I’ll try to post my performance below soon.