Our second week in Florence was filled with fun. My Commedia dell’ Arte class continued with various exercises in improvising the masked characters we used. It is fascinating to recognize these Commedia characters appear in popular culture, whether by inspiration of the writer or the actor and usually with a twist that makes it fresh. Here is a picture of our class with our teacher Roberto Andrioli.

This week we discovered a restaurant tucked away in a little alley that we loved for late-night dining. It was called Taverna Divina Commedia. Why did we not think of taking a picture of it? Oh yeah! When we arrived, we were too hungry, and by the time we left, we were too full. Such is the nightlife of Firenze. Midweek we saw Michelangelo’s David. Don’t look, Ethel!

On Friday, I rushed out of my last Commedia class as Carol and Christ picked me up in a taxi to head to the airport. Here is a scene from the air, on our way to London.