In the middle of our two-week stay in Florence, we went by train to Venice for the weekend. It was beautiful as usual. St. Mark’s Square was alive at night with music and light. St. Mark’s Basilica: Are those really the bones of St. Mark himself buried there? I don’t know, but the possibility has inspired a magnificent church building. We’ll see when we hear from 23andMe. We lodged behind St Mark’s, which means we could hear the bells ring. Not long ago, the bell tower itself was saved by Spiderman in a recent film. Thank you, Peter Parker!

Our host at the Locanda Al Leon recommended a great restaurant with homemade pasta. It was so good we went back the second night. I can’t remember the name, but I’ll let you know after I have finished sifting through all the receipts. Your prayers are appreciated.

On Sunday, we worshiped at an Anglican Church in Venice, St Georgio’s. (Did not get a picture.) It was a lovely service. It was also the last Sunday for the temporary supply priest there. Also in the congregation was the new priest was to begin the following Sunday. He and his wife are from the UK. Chatting, they learned that we were from Lake Arrowhead. They said their son, now 30-something, had loved Santa’s Village when they visited California in the 1990s. Actually, they only shared this with Carol. At the time, I happened to be locked in the bathroom. I finally escaped, but I felt a bit insecure that no one came looking for me. It was also the last Sunday for their volunteer organist, who had been visiting from Germany for six months. He just showed up his Sunday in town, and when there was no organist, he offered to play.

Here is picture I took of a canal. In the background is the famous Leaning Tower of Venice.

Here’s a picture of Carol and me, and then one of Carol and Chris.

This picture was taken after telling Carol that, Calvin had inspired me in Geneva, but now in Venice, I was inspired by Casanova.

…but when she really thought about it I got this.