We have been in Paris for five days now. The most significant aspect of this time was the mime class I took for six hours a day Monday-Friday. The class ended today, and the photo below is a picture we took as we wrapped things up. The teacher Ivan is back row left. His assistant teacher, Natalie, is back row third from left. They were fabulous instructors, and all of my classmates were hardworking and a lot of fun. We learned about balance and movement in mime and much more, including many classic moves people think of: walking in place, pulling a rope, drinking from a glass, and working a wall. There was one other American, a theater teacher from the University of Alabama who grew up in Los Angeles. Don’t worry! I won’t present a mimed sermon until it is just right.

Monday night we went to dinner with friends whom we met at the storytelling workshop we took on Ocracoke Island just a few weeks earlier. We have also taken in a little sightseeing. Carol, Chris, and I went up the Eiffel Tower on Tuesday night. We also explored Luxembourg Park, where Chris played basketball with some locals. Last night Thursday) we went to the theater La Comedia Francaise to see a production of Moliere’s play “The Bourgeois Gentleman.” It was in French. This made it a bit difficult to follow even though we had read a synopsis, but the physicality and costumes made for a lot of laughter. Chris and Carol have seen some other sights, but this isn’t their blog. 😀 I will do more sightseeing next week. Here are some pictures.