We had a great week in Montreux, Switzerland. I enjoyed a little time writing and reading. Most of our activity consisted of sitting beside the shore of Lake Geneva. It’s a gorgeous lake. Here are two of many sculptures along the lake. One is entitled “Human/Fish/Flying.” The second is a statue of Freddie Mercury, who had a home and recording studio in Montreux.

Our hotel was run by those we call “the three brothers.”  In fact, only two are brothers with a friend, but we like the idea of three brothers.  The hotel had a great breakfast each morning. Our last two days by the lake were the beginning of the Montreux Jazz Festival. We left town before performances by Dianna Ross, John Legend, and Herbie Hancock.

On Sunday, July 3, we left Montreux by train for Paris. On the way, we stopped in Lusanne and worshiped in one of the two Presbyterian (Church of Scottland) Churches in all of Switzerland.  It was an English-speaking congregation with folks from all over the world.

Riding our second train on the way to Paris, we had a lovely conversation with a couple from Kuwait on vacation, going to Paris and then to London. That evening, we checked into our Airbnb called “The Claude Monet Suite.”