Well… Carol tested positive for COVID shortly after I did. We isolated and then continued to mask during our rare outings. We did find time and space away from others in Riverside Park not far from our hotel.  I used some of the time to read and journal.  I finished Susan Spark’s book Laugh Your Way to Grace. If you have not read it, I recommend it.  You can learn more about Susan at susansparks.com. 

Rather than fly, we opted to rent a car and drive from NYC to Durham, NC. We made this trip on Thursday. With stops, it took close to 10 hours, and we were glad to arrive. Saturday night we got to see some family outside for a while.

Having spent our time recovering from COVID (minimal symptoms), we head to Ocracoke Island, one of North Carolina’s Outer Banks.  This is where Carol and I will take a storytelling workshop with Donald Davis. He is a retired Methodist minister turned full-time professional storyteller.  We first heard him in 1996 as we were expecting Chris, and over the years our family has enjoyed listening to his stories on tapes and CDs as we traveled in the car. You can learn about him at ddavisstoryteller.com. This workshop focuses on helping participants mine their lives for stories and how to craft and tell those stories. 

I have recommended three books to help explore the sabbatical theme.  During worship on Sunday, May 8, I gave out all of the free copies I had. Those who would like to read any of these books but did not receive a copy can order them online with your preferred vendor. I post the covers of those books here.