Growing together in Christ as we engage in God's Mission in our community and the World.



May God bless you and keep you and encourage you in these anxious times. Amen.

Friends, Sunday Worship is NOW Virtual!

PLEASE, join us online Sundays at 10:00 AM by clicking the link below.


You may also view the service on YouTube later in the week by clicking the link below.


You can reach Pastor Bill Stanley by email at billstanleyiii@mac.com.

All physical gatherings are currently suspended due to COVID-19 concern.


Lake Arrowhead Community Presbyterian Church


We are an intergenerational family of faith engaged in the community as a people and place of hospitality and welcome, we invite you to join us. We are curious about what God is doing in our world, in our community, in our church and in your life. We take this interest into our worship and Christian education as well as our mission and outreach as a quest for the beauty of a life that we live together with God.

Nestled in a beautiful mountain setting, we are a faith community in the Presbyterian Church (USA). This means that we have a rich heritage of participating in the new things that God does, tracking back through the American Revolution to the Protestant Reformation. So, today you might say that we are a mixture of stained glass and guitar strings, blending time-honored approaches to worshiping God with what’s coming next in a service that is alive with the Spirit of Jesus Christ. Each week we send each other out into the world as Jesus’ disciples free to love and serve the Lord.